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stairlift removal

Need an old Stairlift removed?

Stairlift Removal
Some stairlift suppliers charge hundreds of pounds to remove old stairlifts.

Budget Stairlifts offer a comprehensive stairlift removal service for all makes and models of stairlifts including Acorn Stairlifts, Brooks, Stannah, Minivator, Handicare, Meditec and Thyssen.

Our stairlift removal service safely removes and disposes of your unwanted stairlift. We will also make safe all electrical work that was installed as part of your stairlift installation.

Free removal service available for straight stairlifts within 10 miles of Wishaw. There will be a charge for curved stairlifts and for straight stairlifts outwith this area.

Please CONTACT US for more information or call 01501 531343 for a quote.

Stairlift Removal and why do major stairlift manufacturers refuse to remove your stairlift?

When you purchased your stairlift from us we will always offer a free removal service.

Acorn helps you to sell your stairlift, but there is a cost for using this service. Other stairlift companies have differing services, however, buying back a stairlift they sold you is something they don’t normally do.

This will leave people with a major problem removing a stairlift. They are heavy, and in the case of curved stairlifts, difficult to remove safely.
Selling your stairlift

We will always buy back our straight stairlifts that we install. The price offered will depend on the age and condition of stairlift.

If you are looking to sell your stairlift please send a message through our CONTACT PAGE giving the make, model, age and serial number if known. We will reply informing you if the stairlift you have is suitable for our buy back scheme, together with a realistic offer.
Environmentally-friendly disposal

All stairlifts that we remove are recycled through registered disposal outlets.

In some circumstances, some older lifts can be reconditioned and sold to low income clients. These stairlifts must pass rigid safety inspections before re-installation with full support including warranty.

Please visit to see what you can do to help with the recycling effort.